Dementia is Everybody’s Business: Practical Tips on Caring for PWD

This is a specially designed 1-day practical and skill-intensive seminar on caring for Persons with Dementia (PWD). At the end of the seminar, you will receive 10 PROVEN STRATEGIES FOR WORKING WITH PWD.

During this seminar, you will discover and learn:

  1. The world of PWD and empathise with their conditions
  2. How to identify the signs and symptoms of dementia vs. normal ageing
  3. The importance of early diagnosis
  4. Why, What, When and How should you seek treatment
  5. A practical model of care for PWD
  6. How to identify triggers and management of behaviours of concern
  7. How to care for PWD and carer
  8. How to avoid costly errors in dementia treatment
  9. How to tap into available community resources/support
  10. Latest developments on helping caregivers of PWD

Please click HERE to download our seminar materials.


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