Held on the 5 May 2017, the Transformational LifeWork Seminar organized by ACE Seniors & Centre For Seniors (CFS) saw participants from the welfare services, healthcare and banking industry undergo a 1-day immersive and experiential workshop, conducted by ACES’ Master Trainer Ronald Chua.

With the goal of empowering mature workers and seniors to be proactive in planning and managing their work-life transition, the seminar covered key ageing topics, including embracing change as an opportunity, retirement as a career and the importance of health and fitness management. Participants were shown relevant case studies, experienced highly interactive activities and were guided along the path of finding a purpose in life through self-awareness.

Here at ACE Seniors, we believe in offering a holistic approach towards successful ageing with peace of mind. Through our meticulous planning and strategic collaboration with CFS, the Transformational LifeWork Seminar is one example of our passion in customizing corporate workshops and seminars for older adults in senior positions. Take advantage of our services by contacting Henny at henny@aceseniors.org or call us at +65 6509 8860 today.