Bringing the NDP spirit to our Pioneer Generation

An ACE Seniors Initiative

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The year was 2014 when ACE Seniors put forth an ambitious goal – to create a national movement of bringing National Day celebrations to 60 nursing homes and community hospitals by 2030.

“Our goal for the celebrations is to bring National Day celebrations to more than 90,000 frail elderly who are unable to attend the live celebration at the stadium or at home with their families” – Ms. Tang Wai San, Executive Director of ACE Seniors

On select days in August, various locations across the island come alive with the sights and sounds of the National Day Parade. The parade is imagined as a carnival, where food and game booths of yesteryears line the halls, while familiar tunes fill the event space with echoes of nostalgia. Our senior residents, staff and volunteers alike are also treated to various performances and live telecast of the National Day parade. Explore highlights from our past celebrations here.

Since our first celebration at Bright Vision Hospital in 2014, the national movement has grown from strength to strength. Not only have we been featured on local news outlets, our numbers have also grown significantly:

The ACE Seniors vision aims to bring joy, camaraderie and laughter to communities that are at very often at times neglected. With each successful year of our campaign, we seek to involve and engage more beneficiaries towards an inclusive Singapore. This mission is impossible without the help of people like you or your company. Here’s how you can help:


Did you know it takes more than $150,000 to bring the event to life? Any form of donation or sponsorship helps, be it monetary or other resources such as food or prizes! Your sponsorship will go a long way towards establishing a cohesive and fun-filled event. Find out how you and your organisation can make a positive impact.


We are looking for volunteers to join us and be part of these memorable celebrations! You can easily make a difference by being involved in the various roles and tasks:


  • Packing of prizes
  • Logistics support (i.e. delivery of fun packs and other items)
  • Event planning (i.e. involved in designing games, sourcing of prizes, etc)

Event Day

  • Befriending the residents
  • Setting up, manning the booths
  • Decorating venue on event day
  • Performances (e.g. singing)

Whether you’re volunteering alone, with friends, as a family, as part of your school or organisation’s CSR project, your efforts this August will help create an inclusive Singapore and bring the NDP spirit to our Pioneer Generation. Find out about our volunteer recruitment efforts by signing up for our mailing list.

For enquiries, please contact Wai San or Bee Wan at, or call +65 6509 8680. Alternatively, you can contact us via the feedback form.

This 2019, we are bringing the celebrations to over 2,200 elderly residents across 21 beneficiaries, involving at least 1,500 volunteers from all walks of life. Click here to find out how you can be part of this annual programme.