1 day ‘Hackathon’ on Managing Dementia in the New Normal

Managing Dementia during COVID-19

COVID-19 has unsettled routines and introduced new stresses to PWDs and their caregivers. Families have been hard-pressed to explain pandemic restrictions and the need to stay at home. Disruptions are especially disorienting for seniors with cognitive frailty, and caregivers are feeling imprisoned by having to attend to them 24/7.

Putting our heads, hearts and hands together to make smart adjustments to our daily practices, services, and products. Creating dementia-friendly homes and nursing facilities is much needed.

The new normal demands our imagination and empathy. Share your experiences and learn from the insights of practitioners and caregivers to successfully manage the quality of life for PWDs and caregivers.

About the Dementia ‘Hackathon’

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Using the collective wisdom of professional caregivers who have journeyed with persons living with dementia – with perspectives taken from a psychologist, geriatrician to a community dementia care, and designers of ‘Hack Care’ published on 13 Sep 2020 (World Alzheimer’s Month) supported by the Lien Foundation. The aim is for dementia carers as well as the public to reflect on how design can impact living and built environments to improve the care and wellbeing of persons with dementia.

The Hack Care initiative takes reference from the evidence-based Dementia Enabling Environment Principles developed by Professor Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett from the University of Wollongong. The designers took a step further by offering solutions and principles that were practicable, sparking creative ways tackling the challenge of making the environment more dementia-friendly.

Seminar Agenda

8.30am – Registration
9.00am – Expert panel discussion on “Caring for PWD in the New Normal”
10.00am – Tea Break
10.30am – The Caregiver’s Journey in the New Normal through the Lens of:

  • Management Team
  • Professional Caregiver
  • Informal Caregiver
  • The Community Enabler

11.30am – Developing our common agenda for collective impact on improving the living conditions of PWD
12.30pm – Lunch

1.30pm – Hack Team get cracking
2.30pm – Applying Hack Care Tips and Tricks to make a friendlier environment for PWDs and caregivers

  • Participants will work in small groups of 5 to develop 10 practical applications for different settings of dementia care

3.30pm – Tea Break
4.00pm – Presentations by Hack Teams
4.45pm – Summary and Closing of Event
5.00pm – End of event

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for healthcare professionals, allied healthcare professionals, volunteers of eldercare SSA, formal and informal caregivers, social workers, counsellors.

(Before 30 Dec)

$385/pax (after VCF subsidy)
Original Price: $650/pax

(For 3 or more pax)

$350/pax (after VCF subsidy)
Original Price: $650/pax

*All prices exclude GST. CCTG subsidy available for eligible organisations.
Participants will be provided with a complimentary 240-page Hack Care instruction manual, presenting ways to make the home a friendlier place for those living with dementia

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