National Day Volunteering: Bringing NDP Celebrations to Nursing Homes & Community Hospitals


Last August, with the combined efforts of government organisations, corporations, schools and volunteers from all walks of life, we successfully brought National Day celebrations to over 15 nursing homes and community hospitalsHundreds of volunteers took part in this meaningful and joyous event, bringing their dedication, passion and love to the residents and staff of these places.

This 2019, we are taking a bold step forward, bringing the same celebrations to 21 locations across 18 days from July 31 to August 20:

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Join us with your family, colleagues and friends and celebrate National Day in a unique and memorable manner. We also welcome organisations to join our celebrations as part of your CSR efforts.

Photos of Past Celebrations

NDP 2018: Adding 5 more beneficiaries, more volunteers from all walks of life joined our national movement of bringing the celebrations to 15 locations. More photos can be found on our Facebook page

NDP 2017: Group photos at the various nursing homes and community hospitals. We were fortunate to be graced by volunteers from all walks of life, from multinational corporations to volunteer groups across the island. More photos can be found on our Facebook page

Registration Details

For enquiries and signups, please contact Ms Tang Wai San at 6509 8680 or