In the Singapore Informal Care Survey Report, the cost of informal care per month for a mild dementia patient is $1,317 and the cost escalates to $2,784 for moderate cases.   It’s takes about 1 year wait to get into a nursing home and 6 months’ wait for a place in day care centre.  Hence, most of the 38,000 known dementia patients are looked after by families as there are only 9,000 beds in nursing home for elderly.  It’s a huge financial challenge to provide home care for dementia patients as 67.3% of the caregivers’ household income is less than $4,000 per month and of this, 38.4% are less than $2,000 per month!

It’s estimated that 1 in 8 persons aged 75 year old  and above will suffer from dementia.  Are you prepared as a caregiver or patient?  Share with us your experiences and concerns.   While we do not have the cure for dementia, we can prepare ourselves to manage dementia. Start sharing now!