In deep appreciation of the meaningful and compassionate work that healthcare professionals are doing to help patients cope with their illnesses and deaths, ACE Seniors has specially invited Liese Groot-Alberts a world renowned healthcare educator and practitioner, to conduct two skill-intensive and practical seminars to help teams strengthen their coping mechanism in overcoming burnout.

The Need
Burnout continues to plague healthcare workers from medical institutions across the world, leading to mediocre patient care and a poor work environment, which continues the vicious circle to only cause more burnout. Medical institutions across the world have attempted to provide both preventive and curative care for healthcare workers who are at risk for experiencing burnout.

recent study in Singapore on burnout among palliative care practitioners (PCPs) showed a relatively high prevalence of burnout among PCPs in Singapore compared to those in other countries. Senior nurses and staff nurses were also more prone to burnout than junior nurses. Similarly, those who did home care were more at risk of psychological morbidity. Spirituality and being married appeared to be protective against burnout, and the use of coping mechanism in palliative care will minimise burnout in the palliative care profession.

Our Gift
Hence, we have specially invited Liese Groot-Alberts, a world renowned healthcare educator and practitioner, to conduct two skill-intensive and practical seminars to help your healthcare staff to manage burnout and compassion fatigue. Liese has worked many years with and for Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of the ground breaking book on Death and Dying.

Seminar Highlights
1) 2-day seminar (18-19 September) on Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals, Social Workers, and Counsellors

  • Understand the needs and responsibilities of health care professionals towards
    self-care and self-awareness
  • What causes stress, compassion fatigue, overload and burnout
  • How to diagnose the warning signs of stress and overload
  • How to heal stress, overload, burnout and compassion fatigue

2) 1-day seminar (20 September) on Facilitating Hope in times of Despair for Healthcare Professionals & Informal Caregivers

  • The constructs and frameworks of hope
  • How to facilitate hopelessness and despair
  • How to facilitate the healing power of hope
  • How to strengthen resilience

Your Investment
1. CCTG and VCF Funding:
If your organisation is eligible for the Community Care Organisations (CCTG) funding from AIC or VCF funding, you will be eligible for the following seminar fees:

2-Day Seminar CCTG Funding VCF Funding
 Singaporean/ Singapore PR S$ 75 S$ 450
 Non-Singaporean /Non-Singapore PR S$ 300 S$ 600
1-Day Seminar CCTG Funding VCF Funding
 Singaporean / Singapore PR S$ 48 S$ 288
 Non-Singaporean / Non- Singapore PR S$ 288 S$ 384

*Community Care Organisations can select to seek reimbursement from the Community Care Training Grant (CCTG) subject to CCTG’s prevailing conditions.

2. Normal fees:

2-Day Seminar *Early Bird Rate Normal Rate
 Individual S$ 680 S$ 750
 Groups of 3 or more S$ 612 S$ 675
1-Day Seminar *Early Bird Rate Normal Rate
 Individual S$ 400 S$ 480
 Groups of 3 or more S$ 360 S$ 432

*Please register or reserve seats by 18th August 2017 to enjoy the Early Bird Special Rate. 

You are allowed to reserve your seats with us first, before providing us with the names on a later date. For more information, contact Henny or Wai San at 6509 8680, or email


Seminar Leader
Liese Groot-Alberts

Liese Groot-Alberts was born in Fryslân, part of the Netherlands, is living in New Zealand and works internationally as a public and keynote speaker, palliative care educator, presenter of loss, grief and bereavement trainings and clinical supervisor for Healthcare Professionals.

Over a period of many years she worked with and for Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross as a workshop leader and staff­ member in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe. After Dr. Ross’s retirement she has continued to develop her own workshop and has specialised training in trauma, loss, grief and bereavement, palliative care, as well as self-care for the carer, resilience, spirituality, and working with difference, finding strength and hope in connectedness.

She has conducted lectures and workshops in diverse settings across New Zealand, USA, Australia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Samoa and Zimbabwe.

In her presentations and workshops she uses images, poetry, humour and music as well as sound theoretical underpinning of the material presented.