The ACES Club is the first Singapore membership club to provide customized professional services for 50+ years residents to age successfully. Our service partners are all carefully selected for their experience, commitment and passion to help older adults to age successfully.

As a person ages, one’s concerns may have shifted. One may ask:

  • Will one have access to healthcare that meets one’s needs and is within one’s means?
  • Will one be financially prepared so that one can provide for one’s retirement needs?
  • How does one stay gainfully employed and have regular income?

Our services listed below will help you address these concerns.


Life Coaching Services

The ACES Club’s life coaches will work with you to help you achieve a flourishing life and [...]

Customized Will & Estate Planning

Many families fall apart when they do not have a well-thought out will that leaves a legacy [...]

Independent Financial Advisory

When you retire, your income will shrink but inflation increases. How do you stretch your dollar and [...]

Employment & Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Our older adults have a wealth of work experience that can be put to good use to [...]

Professional Private Care Management

Our carefully selected and trained Personal Care Managers will co-create with you a care plan to meet your [...]